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What We Do...


Production Is Our Business...

Shooting a commercial? Pick up for a movie? An interview for a documentary or TV? Red carpet event? Are you a DP or Gaffer swooping into town for a job and need some crew and gear?  Whatever your production needs, we can put together the right team. We specialize in production so you'll always have a talented crew with the best and latest gear.  We pride ourselves on who we are and what we bring to a production day: creativity, skill and a positive attitude. 

Cinematography Is The Focus...

Our in house cameras of choice are the full Sony Cine-Alta line including the Venice, FX9, FX6 and FX3.  We find that the imaging, workflow and compatibility are the top tier of professional digital cinematography. In addition to the cameras, we have a beautiful selection of lenses and accessories, including the latest in gimbals and streaming encoders.  We have everything in house to handle just about any size or type of production and the vendor relationships worldwide to bring in anything else.

Lighting Is The Key...

It doesn't matter what camera you shoot on if you don't have the tools to create the scene in the first place.  BackFocus was one of the first in LA to build a Sprinter based lighting and grip truck, and to this day, it's one of the best packages around.  These days, lighting technology is changing faster than camera tech and we are not getting left behind.  Our lighting packages feature the latest in LED lighting gear.


BackFocus Is...

...a production services company owned by Director of Photography, Jake Zortman.

Early in his career, Jake bought some of the specialty equipment he wanted in his arsenal on shoots.  He started with some lights, then a camera, then many cameras, lenses, and now it's nearly a rental house inventory of equipment.

Along the way, clients would ask Jake to handle more and more aspects of the productions, which led to producing commercials, movie and TV promos and documentaries.

And, Jake is as picky about his crew as he is about gear, so his roster of craftspeople are simply the best at what they do.

Put it all together and you have BackFocus, a production services company that provides top line crews and equipment for clients around the world. 

Link To Jake's Reel


We work with clients from around the world, including movie studios and TV networks, ad agencies and industry. In the 20+ years of our history, we've done business with just about everyone, and far too many clients to fit on a page.

These are just some but representative of the caliber of clientele we service.

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